Press Quotes

If you're looking for a quality live Blues CD, Pat Ramsey & The Blues Disciples " Live at the Grand" is the one that should be at the top of your list. . .

Pat's harmonic talent and the rest of the band really come through on songs "Build Me A Woman" and "Highway 49".
. . .should be on every blues lover's wish list.
The Blue Zone

...It's About Time is one of the most exciting albums I have heard in ages. Two months later, I have yet to pull it out of my tape deck..."
— Baker Yates, Beale St. Blues Society

" ...It's About Time is ...a hard charging disc old school blues purist, his style is definitely hot-rodded. The bottom line is this:  This is a good debut album..."
— Tom Townsley, Blues Revue

" Pat Ramsey's new CD, It's About Time, smacks you between the ears. When the testosterone is alternately poweringthe harp and the guitar, this is pretty exciting fare."
— Magic City Blues Society, Birmingham, AL.

" Variety aplenty and all done well... seasoned and on target... harp sparks flying throughout."
— Tom Ellis III, Blues Access

" Ruff 'n tuff throwdown with harpman Ramsey at the helm, a thoroughly enjoyable set that rocks from the word 'Go'."
— Lowcountry Blues Society

" It's About Time has some of the best harp and vocals you'll hear anywhere."
— Music City Blues Society, Nashville, TN.

" Pat has fabulous tone, as big as the Grand Canyon."
— Steve Harvell, Bluzharp Newsletter
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